About us

 Just like foxes walk their way into a wilderness, we look for our own path in the forests of graphic design and illustration.

 We dreamed of Traveling Fox Design in the fall of 2016. For a year we showed most of our drawings only on sites like Society6, or Redbubble. Then there was a great opportunity, we started to design our first products and after only a month we were already exhibiting at the Csészényi Design Fair. The positive feedback prompted us to design newer and newer products, and then to participate in more and more fairs.

 We both approach tasks from different angles, have different professional skills, complement each other well. Dius studies law and communication-media at the same time, her job is to think about and create social media posts, but she is also an active participant in brainstorming about new products and illustrations. Since his childhood, Balázs has put his imagination into drawings. After a major bypass at the Horticultural Faculty he returned to the illustrations and then expanded his knowledge in the animation area. Ever since then, he's thinking about new ideas, new drawings every day.